Aro Fitness Kickboxing and Martial Arts

Welcome to our ARO Student Members website

Welcome to our student Members website

Well done on taking the first step in becoming apart of ARO on this members website you will find all the resources you will need as a member of ARO fitness Kickboxing from online training videos to our grading syllabus club news and information book your ongoing classes and your even find our club shop where you can order club uniform etc 

We are excited for you to join us both online and in our active classes and think this is a great way to keep in touch.

It could not be easier for our existing students or new students to register.! 

All you need to do to join this website is be an active member of the club you will just need to hit the Join now button and log in with the same email address you logged your direct debit with or email we have on file for workshops, and set a password   

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